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Read this first: “BNF” vs “RTF”

What’s the Difference between “BNF” & “RTF”?



Take a moment to learn the difference between two kinds of Quadcopter kits: BNF and RTF – knowing the difference could save you plenty of hassle, and save you money in the end.

Which is the right option for you?


The acronym means “Ready To Fly.” This is your best bet if you’re new to the world of Quadcopters, because everything that you will need is already included. No need to go out and buy something else to get your first purchase up and flying, no need to look for a remote controller that’s compatible with your ‘copter, no hassles, no fuss. Everything you need is in the box.


This one means “Bind-N-Fly” and is a little more complicated. If you’re a serious hobby flyer, and you already own a controller that you love, this might be the perfect option for you. Your Quadcopter comes with a receiver, but you’ll have to match it up to the transmitter on the remote controller you already own (or are looking to buy).

Typically, these devices use DSM technology (Digital Spectrum Modulation) which is designed to ensure an interference-free communication between the transmitter and the receiver. In order to do this, the Transmitter and the Receiver have to get to know each other – they need to “Bind”. You need to do this for each Quadcopter (or other device) that you want to pair with your controller.


So there you have it. Simple.

Choose which one best suits you, and make sure that the product you choose has everything you need to enjoy it – minus all the hassle.