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Lets Find you a Quadcopter!

NEED HELP FINDING A NEW DRONE? We have a list of some of the best 2015 drones on the market today.

Aerial photography from drones in 2014-2015 have exceeded most peoples expectations. Pretty much anyone can pick up a quad and start making professional quality videos. There are many 2015 drones out there from beginner to professional.

  • PURCHASE A QUAD FOR UNDER 100$ TO START - Just to see if you enjoy the hobby.

  • AFTER, IF MONEY IS TIGHT GET A MIDRANGE QUAD – Get a quadcopter that has the range your looking for and you can upgrade the camera gimbal.

  • IF YOU HAVE A MORE MONEY TO SPEND – Move into something that is RTF. Camera with live video feed, 3 axis gimbal, good transmitter.


Syma x5c-1: The best beginner quadcopter on the market for 2015

The x5c-1 is and upgrade to original x5c. With about 5 minutes of flight time you will need extra batteries. It records, great range, extremely stable, oh ya and did we mention it does Flips and Barrel Rolls!

For about 60-70$ you can get it on Amazon

And don’t forget to get extra batteries for 15$ Amazon

Blade 350QX3 RTF: A great starter quad once you determined to get a little serious.

The blade 350qx3 comes in three types, RTF, BNF, and AP combo. If you already have a spectrum receiver the BNF is the one for you. The RTF comes with the receiver and the gopro mount. Dont let the price fool you, this is an amazing quad, you can reach the clouds.

For around 500$ RTF from Amazon

If you have a Spectrum receiver the BNF is about 450$ from Amazon

If you have a little more coin the complete areal AP Combo is the one 950$ from Amazon